(4 Brand New Designs) "I Love You" Projection Necklace – I Love You 100 Times

(4 Brand New Designs) "I Love You" Projection Necklace

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Say "I Love You" in 100 languages

This " I love you" projection necklace has a secret hidden message within the central stone. Shine a light through it and project it on a wall, or view into it using your phone camera, and the words "I love you" will appear in 100 different languages.

The perfect gift for any special occasion. Mother's day, Christmas, Birthdays, Valentine's, Anniversaries, Graduations, Engagements and Weddings. A wonderful gift for someone special in your life or for yourself.

Made up of copper alloy. It will never tarnish, discolor or rust. The surface of the love necklace is coated with a layer of real gold, which gives it that natural shimmer.